Chino Hills State Park (south central)

The park entrance is a dirt road that takes off to the right at the point where Rim Crest street turns left. Just inside the park the South Ridge road passes by the gate, and the Easy Street footpath is directly across the road. It joins Telegraph Canyon road after 0.3 mile. If you turn left on the Telegraph Canyon road then after 1.5 miles another road joins on the left. It leads to the South Ridge route, which will take you back to the park entrance. There are a few stream crossings on this route, but it is a small stream and you won't get wet if you can jump a couple of feet.

If you turn right from Easy Street then after 0.5 mile you will cross a dry stream bed, then the footpath to Gilman Peak exits on the left after another 150 feet. The path continues on past the peak to the North Ridge route. If you stay on Telegraph Canyon then after another 0.1 mile the Little Canyon road takes off up the hill on the right. It joins the South Ridge route at the top, and turning right there will take you back to the park entrance.

If you stay on Telegraph Canyon then Sycamore road joins on the left in another 0.5 mile. It goes to the North Ridge route, and you can get to Gilman Peak by the back route that way if you don't like steep climbs. Both ends of Sycamore road are marked by signposts.

Continuing on Telegraph Canyon road, the road reaches a grassy and completely treeless expanse in another 1.7 miles. There is a picnic table there, and a signpost marks the start of the Bovinal Delight footpath on the right. The path reaches the South Ridge route after another mile. At that point San Juan Hill is 0.5 mile to the left, and the Rim Crest park entrance is 2.5 miles to the right. Continue straight ahead at all intersections if you are returning to the park entrance. The return route is mostly flat or downhill.

If the weather is clear then there is a good view from the top of San Juan Hill, and there is a path all the way to the top. Some of these roads continue on to the park office in the eastern part of the park, but I have not explored that region yet.

This map is a portion of the USGS Yorba Linda 7.5' topographic map, last revised in 1981. This area was mostly undeveloped in 1981, so most of the city streets do not appear on the map. Paved roads not shown here now extend all way to the trailhead.

Chino Hills Topo
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